Friday, March 13, 2009

The Importance of Earnest Being Over

Oh my dear friend Oscar Wilde... My wonderful friend Krista and I interpreted The Importance of Being Earnest last night...for the second time. Last season we interpreted it at Portland Community College and were delighted to be able to interpret it at Portland Center Stage this season. How many times do you get to do the same show twice? Krista and I jumped at the chance!
We started this show thinking, hey - we've done this before, how hard can it be? (insert laughter here) We have the upper hand. YA WHOA THERE! A couple of days ago, I told her it was as if I had never interpreted this show before. Well DUH! Analyzing a script for the second time just gives the play more meaning and depth and breadth. I came to the realization that I LOVE this show....despite the fact that its so no interpretable; what with all the puns, play on words, etc. It's funny, and witty, and pokes fun at Victorian society. And PCS performed it fabulously.
Krista and I kicked some Earnest butt last night. :-) And after SWEARING several times in the past two weeks that I will NEVER do this show again and what was I thinking to say I would do it a second we were walking off stage I said to Krista: " I think I would do this again."

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