Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dale Chihuly - Navajo Blanket Cylinders

Photo: Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum

photo: Elliot Brown Gallery

Photo: Elliot Brown Gallery

These beautiful cylinders are all made by Dale Chihuly. He had a large collection of Navajo Blankets and in the 1970's produced numerous cylinders inspired by his blanket collection. I had the chance to see them a few years ago at the Oregon Historical Society Museum in downtown Portland. Both the blankets and the cylinders were shown. I remember watching a video of how they are made too - very interesting.
I have been purposefully avoiding any blog entries about Chihuly (sorry Dale!). Its not that I don't like his work - I love it. His installations (a possible future posting) are incredible. But, here in the Pacific Northwest - especially - he tends to be the first person people conjure when glass artists are mentioned. I wanted to focus on others that maybe haven't had as much exposure.
Today, I broke down and had to do it. I had to post these works of art because I love them. The colors, the weaving, the strong base of the cylinder and the intricacy of the fine pieces of glass that have been added to represent the fabric.
If you ever have to the chance to check these out - I encourage you to do so.

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