Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beach Music

The beach is my favorite place. Waves crashing, seagulls squawking, the briny smell; its a feast for the senses. I'm due for a trip to the coast.
This picture is of the Twin Rocks. I have grown up with these beauties just down the path from my Grandparents house. All these years and they still impress me. I always wanted to walk out to them and touch their surface, or take a boat and sail through the eye of the rock. On the two days a month of spring tides, when the water is especially low, I find myself chanting, "a little more....a little more", hoping the water will go out far enough to walk to the rocks. I know it will never happen, but a girls gotta try, right?
On the solstice the sun sets in the exact center of the eye. Hoards of people venture onto the beach with camera in hand and wait for the perfect moment to take the perfect picture.
Depending on the angle, these rocks change shape. A northward view takes away their bulk, but offers you the only chance to see the backside. A westward take on the rocks reduces the size of the hole. Ever changing...like the sands.
The beach is always changing. Every time I visit, something has moved, disappeared, or found its way to the dunes....finding it's place for the moment, resting until the waves or the winds move it along.
I'm not much for change - perhaps I should take a lesson.

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