Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cobi Cockburn

Winter Grass
The artist

Shifting Fields


Autumn Light
Pictures from the Sabbia Gallery

I saw a showing of Cobi Cockburns work at the Bullseye Gallery in Portland. I was walking by and these, what I thought of as delicate canoes, where glowing through the window. The gallery was not brightly lit and the pieces were lit from below. I later found out the artist had based the form of these pieces on basketry and the texture and color from natural grasses.
What she says about her work: "In producing this body of work, it was important to me to combine this fascination with my personal experience as a young mother and artist and produce tactile glass objects that echoed life and celebrated growth within this rich landscape."
Cobi Cockburn is a young Australian glass artist. She has won the 2006 Ranamok Glass Prize and the 2007 Talente Prize for Glass. If you would like to read more about this collection or see more images, head to http://www.sabbiagallery.com/

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