Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Heading to Tower...Want to Come?

I picked up Rex's iPod today and stared at it...and stared...and realized I have no idea what to do with it. I assume it's "user friendly" and that I will get the hang of it, but at this point I need lessons.

Last week I asked Rex to bring his iPod home from the office, as it seemed he wasn't really using it much. I though, cool, I can load it full of my music! And by "my music" I mean downloading the music from my stacks of CD's in my office (you can do that, right?) not "my music" in the same way as Ross Geller means "my music".

Last night I plugged the iPod into the computer for a good charge and this morning I disconnected it. Then, I stared. I don't know the first thing about iTunes and downloading or uploading music or whatever I need to do. Just to prove I'm not a complete and utter tech idiot - I then texted a good friend to tell her I need an iPod tutor.

What I really need is Tower Records. Remember the days when you went to the record store? Vinyl was to be played, not melted into bowls or formed into jewelry. (although, both look cool)Flipping through the stacks of albums until you found what you wanted. Waiting to see the sneak peak of the cover art for your favorite bands next album. I like the whole vinyl process. I like the sounds of the music with the distinctive pops and cracks as the needle moved across the ridges. Hey, and just how is one suppose to hear the devil on a CD? Those can't be played backwards.

Tapes were cool. Especially with a walkman. I have vivid memories of being in the car driving to the beach, headphones on listening to Culture Club and The Alarm. I do like CD's...although I don't understand why they price hasn't dropped after all these years. Smaller, shiny, me likey. But I still miss going to the store...the record store.

Maybe my background is the problem, you see I was raised for a while in a record store. My Grandpa and Grandma Baughman owned Town Record Shop in Portland. Located at what is now the Zuppans on Burnside and 23rd. Each time we visited them at the store we were given a Disney Long Playing Record. You know, the kind with the book and it chimed to turn the page and told you when to flip the 45. I still have them. The two things that did freak me out at the store were the life size cut outs. Two of them loomed in the front and scared the bejesus out of me: Elvis and Barbra Streisand. I don't know why they scared me, but I think it was a chunkier Elvis and it was during the time Babs had an afro and knee socks...perhaps justified fear. After my Gramps was too sick to keep the shop open, Elvis and Barbra came to my Grandparents home...the back bedroom to be specific. I SWEAR people used to send me in there to fetch things on purpose, just to scare me.

I can't tell you how many times my brother, sister and I jumped in the car and headed to Tower. It was always exciting. The idea of new music, the latest release, and the fact that they stayed open late made it into an adventure. Square yellow bags with the red block lettering....(speaking of bags, after my Gparent's store closed we some how came into possession of a stack of bags with KISS on the side. We used KISS plastic bags, gloriously sporting the four faces, as Halloween treat bags for years. They were AWESOME!)

No doubt I will figure out the iPod. When we first got it, Rex had his sister load her songs onto it, so now I will be in the process of deleting some of those and clearing space for our/my stuff. This will be easy, right? I hate feeling like I need a class for the not really latest technology. Well, new to me technology. Where's my turntable? Walkman? Boom box?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tonigh: John Prine

When John Prine comes to town it's family event for us. My Dad raised us on Prine, Cash, Nelson, and Presely. I have distinct memories of us riding along in the 1978 black Ford Pickup, heading to the coast and always stopping to check out the elk in the meadows or fish in the Wilson River.
Tonight we head to the Schnitz for great music, Prine telling fun stories and bonding with my Pops and siblings.
I was going to add a video, but alas it didn't work. I'll see what I can do about that.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I Had My Druthers....

... i would be here today.
Here being the trail that leads to Romona Falls and back.
I suppose I should have added a picture of the actual falls...
Point being - in nature and not at work.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Orange = Happy

Rex gave me this flower.
The color orange makes me happy. That's all I have for today. :-)

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's ALIVE!!...The Roof I Mean...

This picture taken from the Ecoroof Blog at the City of Portland Ecoroof Program Website

Rex and I went to the most AMAZING lecture this week about living roofs.
The Oregon Zoo, in coordination with Audubon Society of Portland and a few other people, hosted a lecture with Dusty Gedge and "urban ecologist, performer, and public speaker". He was amazing. It was amazing. Dusty was full of information, science, humor, energy and passion for covering our roofs with life. Not only plant life, but the bugs and bees and such that come to live in the plantings placed on roofs.
The almost 2 hour lecture went fast as we saw slide after slide of living roofs in his native England and neighbor Sweden. Beautiful roofs that made the city look alive and provided much needed space for rare and amazing species of invertebrates that have had their habitat destroyed by high rises and roads. Dusty and his comrades have been working for the past few decades on programs and education and projects that just keep expanding the number of roofs that are now alive.
So, why was he here in our neck of the woods? Because Portland is putting a lot of energy into eco roofs. Sam Adams has started a program at the city called The Portland Ecoroof Program. Mayor Adams wants to see 49 acres of roofs converted to living roofs! NICE! And, they are giving away grants to those who are interested in participating.
I have to say, my eyes have been opened to the benefit of these types of roofs. I always thought they were cool, but now I know they are sorely needed in our urban areas.
If you would like to learn more about Dusty Gedge, check out his website, www.dustygedge.com. From there you can take a gander at his blog.
For more WONDERFUL information about living roofs, check out his other website, www.livingroofs.org. Here you can find information regarding roofs, how can you do a roof, plants, get access to all sorts of blogs, and see some beautiful roofs in the UK.