Friday, April 2, 2010

It's ALIVE!!...The Roof I Mean...

This picture taken from the Ecoroof Blog at the City of Portland Ecoroof Program Website

Rex and I went to the most AMAZING lecture this week about living roofs.
The Oregon Zoo, in coordination with Audubon Society of Portland and a few other people, hosted a lecture with Dusty Gedge and "urban ecologist, performer, and public speaker". He was amazing. It was amazing. Dusty was full of information, science, humor, energy and passion for covering our roofs with life. Not only plant life, but the bugs and bees and such that come to live in the plantings placed on roofs.
The almost 2 hour lecture went fast as we saw slide after slide of living roofs in his native England and neighbor Sweden. Beautiful roofs that made the city look alive and provided much needed space for rare and amazing species of invertebrates that have had their habitat destroyed by high rises and roads. Dusty and his comrades have been working for the past few decades on programs and education and projects that just keep expanding the number of roofs that are now alive.
So, why was he here in our neck of the woods? Because Portland is putting a lot of energy into eco roofs. Sam Adams has started a program at the city called The Portland Ecoroof Program. Mayor Adams wants to see 49 acres of roofs converted to living roofs! NICE! And, they are giving away grants to those who are interested in participating.
I have to say, my eyes have been opened to the benefit of these types of roofs. I always thought they were cool, but now I know they are sorely needed in our urban areas.
If you would like to learn more about Dusty Gedge, check out his website, From there you can take a gander at his blog.
For more WONDERFUL information about living roofs, check out his other website, Here you can find information regarding roofs, how can you do a roof, plants, get access to all sorts of blogs, and see some beautiful roofs in the UK.

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