Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Plaid to be Had?

I was at Fabric Depot last week looking for some baby fabric to make a gift for a friend. While I was getting the cute green polka dot fabric cut, I mentioned being partial to plaid while chatting with the woman at the counter.
This is what I hear in response: "We just don't carry plaid here. I think we have 2 types in wool."
Say what? HUH? I'm sorry I must have misunderstood. Did you say you DON'T carry plaid?
For those of you who are not familiar with Fabric Depot - it's a HUGE building on 122nd and Stark. Over an acre of fabric. For me, it's the fabric version of Powells. I get equally as mind boggled and overwhelmed in Fabric Depot as I do in Powells. Which of course leaves me two options: buy everything I see OR walk around in utter amazement and buy nothing...typically I do the latter.
There are fabrics with cowboys, cars, shoes, cupcakes, and for Pete's sake - green beans and carrots! How can you not have a classic plaid?
Would Powells ever say: "I'm sorry... Fiction...geez...we just don't carry that. We may have 2 books in the mystery section." It think not.
Fabric Depot needs to take a lesson from Powells. Searching their website for "plaid" actually returns 50 hits. 10 of which are specifically about plaids and tartans....and a few that look suspiciously like cheesy Scottish themed romance novels. The most interesting hit was the first: Tartan: Romancing the Plaid.
Ok, rant over. I need a customer comment card, I guess. "Please carry more plaid. Thanks" Signed - The Buchanan.
And by the way - that little picture there is the Buchanan Plaid.

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Shannon said...

I started reading your post and thought, "No, this can't be right. Aren't the plaids over in the right corner when you" Is my head just making this stuff up? I totally thought they had some. But I think the corner I am thinking of IS the wool section, so the lady might be right. So, ....weird.

Oh, no! I just realized. It is Joann's I'm thinking of. They have a bunch of plaid but it is all shirt weight/flannel type.

Anyway. Thanks for the 411 on the girlscout fabric the other day.