Thursday, June 4, 2009

Roller Skating

Picture to the left by Holly Leitner
I announced to Rex the other day, " I am going to find a pair of roller skates! Then I can skate around the neighborhood!"
His response: "Your going to fall and hurt your shoulder." This comes from his ongoing concern over my bum shoulder, and the fact that all the stuff I want to try could really damage said shoulder -- IF, I fall.
So, what do I say: "I won't fall."
I am bound and determined to find myself some skates! In my head, they have sparkly wheels - but, hey, I'll take what I can get. An authentic pair of Skate World rental skates would be FANTASTIC! But, I doubt those will come along. In the mean time, my sister found a white pair with blue wheels at an estate sale down the street. A size 8. Half a size to big for me and half a size to small for her. We'll see who they fit the best.....
I have fun memories of roller skating as a kid. For those of you who grew up around here, you might remember Beaverton Skate...currently the New Seasons next to what we used to call Beaverton Mall. Now its Cedar Hills Crossing..I think. Aging myself here....although I CAN say I wasn't born when the mall was an airport. So there! I actually remember learning to skate there...and have better memories of learning to roller skate that I do of learning to ride my bike.
Or how about Skate World in Hillsboro!! It's still there and I really wonder how much action they see. There was nothing like the rust and blue motif they had going on. I was there SOOO MUCH. I still wish I had really learned to skate backwards. And, gotten skilled enough to do the "speed skate". Ok, maybe not. I remember the ambulance being summoned more that once during "speed skate".
So, anyway. I'll try not to bust anything. Pads may be helpful, eh?

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