Monday, June 15, 2009

Too Salty - Makes Me Crabby.

So, I spent an hour on the Internet tonight looking for crab cake recipe that seemed doable and didn't require a trip to the store. AND - would work with canned crab meat..which might have been my downfall.

I know - CANNED crab meat! WHAT COULD I BE THINKING?! Well, I will tell you - it's cheaper and I thought I would give it a try. So - lets just let that go and I will tell you what happened.

I spent the time making the cakes, chilling them for an hour, cooking them until a beautiful golden brown. I made a salad and created a dressing of honey mustard, paprika, garlic and grape seed oil and a glass of strawberry lemonade ( I don't like lemonade, but that's a whole other blog about my dislike of water.) I sit down at the table, take a bite and it hits me - SUPER SONIC SALTY SUCKYNESS! What happened? What little troll came along and dumped a bucket of NaCl in my crab cakes? DAMN DAMN DAMN!

So, I just have to vent. Because I don't like salt. I don't crave salty things, I pick the salt off my pretzels, and a visit to the Great Salt Lake is not on my "bucket list" (ironically, I love the ocean...but whatever). I once had an encounter with the salty black licorice they sell at IKEA that ended with my head in the sink and my sister laughing so hard I though she was going to pee. Not funny.
Oh - the one time when salt is good? When the saltine its on is covered in chocolate icing.

Maybe I need to read "Salt: A World History" by Mark Kurlansky. Undoubtedly it will give me a genuine appreciation for my nemesis. And, I do have to admit, I am intrigued by the array of salts offered at Uwajimaya. Grey salt. Red salt. Pink salt. Brown salt. You get the picture

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