Friday, May 1, 2009

Portland Sunday Parkways is Coming Again!

Picture from the Sunday Parkways website.

I am SO excited! I came home today to a door flyer that confirmed it. I was hoping they would do it and they ARE! They being the City of Portland, Kaiser Permanente, METRO, OR Bike, Drive Less. Save More., and the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

PORTLAND SUNDAY PARKWAYS IS COMING BACK! (click there and go to the website) This is the day when miles of Portland roadways are closed to motorized traffic and are packed with humans on bikes! This event is happening all around the world and finally came to PDX last summer.

Rex and I biked the event last year and it was a blast. Not only were the streets filled with bikes, the parks on the route were teaming with booths, food, music, people, and pets. So much was going on! Everyone had a huge smile on their face and life was good. As we biked our way around we came upon friend after friend and neighbor after neighbor - all pleased with how the event was planned and turning out. The Portland Police did a fabulous job at keeping the roads and crossings safe! - Good job guys!

SO - to make life even BETTER this year - IT'S HAPPENING THREE TIMES IN PORTLAND this summer, in THREE areas of town: North Portland on June 24th, 9am-4pm; Northeast Portland on July 19th, 9am-4pm; and Southeast Portland on August16th, 9am-4pm. Click on your neighborhood to see the route.

Put it on your calender. Pump up the tires, grease the chain, dust off the bell and get ready for the road! YIPPY!

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Jean said...

I just bought "The Lost Continent" yesterday at BookFest! I had no idea that was the book you had here. It made me laugh out loud at Powell's! :)