Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rainy Day Date

Date Day. The key to a great relationship, according to my Grandpa. He told me this when I was young and really didn't know what he was talking about. But, the advice stuck and I trust him.
Rex and I have been good at a scheduled Date Day. Lately, though, it's been going by the wayside due to busy schedules and various life happenings. So, today we took a Date Day.
Despite the rain we headed out with no set plan. Ok, one set plan: get our passports taken care of. We are leaving for Mexico in a couple of months, thus - we really needed to take care of this. That appointment put us in the vicinity of the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. I had never been, so off we went! Rain Schmain! It's Oregon right?! The garden was beautiful and well worth the soaking. Lush, green, and filled with patterns, shapes, and colors.....YUM! I can't wait to go back when I can take time to ponder the plants.
Date Day: Success!

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UrbanHippieMama said...

Your grandpa was a smart smart man!! Oh, and I'm just remembering that you and I got married at almost exactly the same time, didn't we?? I think that either our weddings were on the same day, or the day of your wedding was a potential date for ours.
Date night is something we sooooo look forward to, as a time to finally get to reconnect.
And the Chinese Gardens??... I'm not sure if I've ever actually been there!! We will be putting that on our list of "Potential Date Night Locations". hee hee hee...