Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blog - Day One

What? Am I Captain Kirk? It will have to do for my first blog post - I'll work on titles for the future. My "To Do" list reads like a novel. Items are constantly added and as I "do" them, are happily crossed off. Alas, there are those items that never experience the roll of the blue Bic pen. The list is their home and there they stay, waiting for the day I might FINALLY get to them.

Today was THE day. "Set up blog" graduated from the list. So, here I sit with a blog and not much to say at this point. Being that its 10pm and I have been up since 7, I suppose being thoughtless is OK.

I did go a little crazy and set up a blog for Traci (The Evil Twin), too. I have no idea if she keeps a "To Do" list or if said list does exist - if items get crossed off. One thing I can be sure of: if she keeps a list and the items get crossed off: its NOT with blue Bic pen. Traci's pen of choice: the black roller ball type. Black and only black - blame the WSU Interior Design program.

I think her "To Do" list is in her head. She has spoken of wanting a blog, but not having the time to figure it out. So, voila - it's done. Well, the set up part...she has to do the rest.

If her list is in her head, can I cross it off on her forehead? Like I did when we were kids and I gave her doll a forehead tattoo? Or would that make ME the Evil Twin?

Maybe I should have named this post: "Two Done"

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