Friday, October 17, 2008

Pep in My Step

Have you ever felt like you lost your funkiness? Lost that uniqueness or felt like you just weren't totally you? I've been on that boat for quite some time now...years actually...and I needed to get it back. My tastes tend to the funky, although it hasn't shown for a very long time. I wear blah clothes for work, and sensible shoes. I have liked my hair but always wished it had an edge to it. Something that made me feel fun inside.

Well, my boat pulled into dock yesterday and I jumped off that Titanic. Yesterday I visited Riley..that's RILEY OF HAIR BY RILEY. SHORT, CHOPPY, A LINE, CHOPPY, SUPER CHOPPY were the words that came flooding out. I wanted to feel fun and get some pep in my step!

Four hours...and lots of laughs later...I left the salon (Bella Tocca Salon & Spa, NW 21st Ave, PDX) feeling like myself for the first time in a long time. I got super choppy, short, Aline, oh..and red streaks. YIPPY!

For my friends who read this and wonder what the hell is up with me: I know your used to the boring old me. I have this thing where I love traditional and I love modern and funky. Makes picking a style quite difficult. I have been on the traditional boat for too long. It's time to jump ship and stowaway on the party barge.

Visit Bella Toccas website (still under construction, but you can get some info) You can get Riley's information there.

I will be adding a pic when I get back from Rex's class reunion.

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UrbanHippieMama said...

are your profile pics on here and facebook with your new haircut?? cause i was thinking how CUTE your hair is!!