Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy as a ...


Life feels frantic these days.  Mid August was the beginning of the "mad dash to October 11th" That is the day we fly back from my being in and interpreting my friends wedding in Wisconsin.  I'm very excited for the trip, but also excited that as of that day - my life will calm down.  The whole wedding thing is actually no biggie, it's the rest of my life that is nuts.

Weddings, employee retreats, planning meetings, coordinating workshops, out of town trips, everyday work....all of this has been at mach speed lately.  I have one weekend free until I fly out for my friends wedding. ONE!  Granted some of what I have been doing is fun, but at this point a little sitting on my back end would feel great. 

I miss my friends. I really want to meet up with two friends for a long talked about, but not accomplished dinner together.  I want to clean my office, get organized, and get ducks in rows.  I want to ride my bike. I would like to chat on the phone. I would like to respond to a text with "hey lets meet up" not " on my way to/I'm just walking into/am in a meeting/job/workshop".

I need to ssslllllooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww ddddddoooooowwwwwwnnnnnnnnn!!!

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