Sunday, October 10, 2010

Madison, You're Pretty Dang Cool!


We have been in Madison, Wisconsin the past 5 days and WOW, I must say - I could easily live here. Of course that's being said without experiencing the Wisconsin winter. This place is beautiful. Trees are changing color everywhere.With the absence of pine trees, the color is even more concentrated.  Add in the fact that Madison is situated on an isthmus between two lakes, and I love it even more.  I could never be land locked, and while the lakes are not the ocean - it's still a body of water.
Another upside - this is a college town! University of Wisconsin is here and gives it a great vibe. Fun, funky, intelligent, and open minded. There is a lot of cyclists, restaurants, and space to stretch out and be active.
The past few days have been a blur of wedding activity as we celebrated and prepared for Leah and Marks wedding. We've all been busy, but having fun. And food has been a prime activity. Their wedding went off without a hitch and a good time was had.
Tomorrow we head back to Milwaukee to catch our flight and return home. Getting back to the grind will be ok, but I have to say I will miss this place and look forward to coming back.

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