Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank God it Wasn't an Owl!

Early this morning, around 4am, I was having some serious restless legs and couldn't sleep. In order to not annoy my slumbering hubby with my "flopping like a fish out of water" routine, I grabbed a blanket and headed down to the living room couch.  The couch is actually comfy, three of the windows were open and a nice breeze was coming in.

Just as finished settling and closed my eyes...a cell phone went off outside the window. A little soft trilly song. And, it only went off someone caught it. It literally sounded like it was in my living room.

There are no words to explain how fast my eyes flew open and how motionless and quiet I became as I was listening, trying to figure out if I could hear someone standing outside of my house.  Was it the neighbor? It really didn't sound like there were walls and windows between the sound and me. My neighbors girlfriend is often outside (facing my window) sitting on the stoop talking on her phone. But, it's 4 am. She is not out there. And I have never heard her phone make that noise.

Needless to say, I looked around (stuffing down that fear I have that I will look out the window and see a face looking in) and saw nothing. Heard nothing more. I settled back down and finally fell asleep. I must have been REALLY tired to actually rest after that.

All I can say is: Shannon - thank GOD it wasn't an owl!! LOL inside joke there. 


Shannon said...

Dude, can I tell you how much I now want to find a stuffed owl and perch it somehow on your windowledge?

um. . . a LOT!

Tina B. said...

OMG! That would be scarey!!