Monday, January 19, 2009

Time Lapse of Plane Recovery

I am amazed by the story of the plane that landed in the Hudson. I know its been all over the news, but as one who loves to fly - I also get a bit nervous at the take off and landing (this being after I learned the whole - we are only flying because we are moving to fast to fall - concept AND they idea that a bird can take out a plane a million times it's size.). Now authorities are focused on the recovery and in-flight recorders...thus, getting the plane off the bottom of the river.

I found this time lapse video of them lifting the plane. The thing that amazed me was the scale of the machinery involved. Look at how small some of the tugs look compared to the MASSIVE cranes lifting the plane. Even the scale of the plane compared to the size of the cranes. That crane is HUGE!

Anyway - thank goodness all of the people survived and in this day and age when everyone is a hero for everything, I think I can genuinely say that the pilot really is a hero. That was some nice flying/landing.

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