Friday, January 23, 2009

My Dad

Larry is my Dad. He is a hoot and and half! Born and raised in Hillsboro, he is part country and part 50's greaser - picture the smokes rolled up in the white t-shirt. I've been thinking about him a lot lately. We chatted on the phone the other day and he was so excited to talk to one of his kids. Dad gets in these funks where he says "you guys only call to talk to your mother". We do talk to Mom more often - but that's a whole other story. Dad would say he looks a bit scruffy in this picture, but we were in Hawaii when it was taken. You don't have to shave on vacation.

Things about my dad:

* He is the king of one sentence wisdom/advice. The most famous and useful he gave me in a huge situation: "Don't turn on a faucet that you can't turn off". It was profound I tell you, made total sense and helped me make my decision!

* He plays Texas Hold 'em Poker every Friday at Spirit Mountain. When he wins he always tells me, " You shoulda backed me!" Every time we talk, he gives me a run down of his latest poker poker speak...and I don't understand a word he is saying. But, I tell him good job and listen.

* Dad bought me my first fishing rod and reel - on my 30th birthday. It was the best present ever! We haven't gone fishing in awhile, but I did kick his butt one day 2 to 0. hee hee... He names all his rods and they can't be people names. We still argue that my rod can't be named Steve, and when I tried to name it Sven instead, he still said, "NO. It has to be something like Thunder, or Zeus, or Rage".

* We owned race horses when I was young. I have several pictures of us in the winners circle at Portland Meadows - Dad looks like Elvis - the sun glasses - the mutton chops, yep he was channeling The King.

* We used to go Lewis and Clarken'. That's Dad/Tina speak for checking out nature. My Dad loves to take a drive and knows all the cool places to stop and check the river for fish, or check for deer/elk. Driving to the beach could take hours if you want it. I think we are due for a trip. And by the way, he can spot deer and elk like nobodies business. Many conversations have gone: Dad -"WOW - look at the elk." Tina - "Where?" Dad - "There." Tina - "Where?" Dad - "Right there." Tina - "Where?" Dad - "THERE!" Tina - "WHERE!" You get the picture.
* My Dad was suppose to give a speech at the rehearsal dinner before Rex and I got married. But, every time he started he got choked up. He never gave the speech, just clinked glasses and sat down. I still have no idea what he was going to say, but I don't need the words, I could see it all on his face.

* On our last family vacation (w/o my brother) we visited places that have guest books. (cheese factory, etc.) Dad signed us in as Lewis Baughman (Dad), Clark Baughman (Traci my sister), Sacajawea (Mom), and The Dog (me). Don't ask.
* Dad is very sweet. Has a great sense of humor. But - is fair, expects fairness, and don't you dare EVER lie to him.
* Dad became a Grandpa in the past year and a half. Kaylie Eileen is his world now...none of us exist - and that is completely OK with us. :-)
So there is a little tribute to my Pops. I love you Daddy-O!


Jean said...

brought a little tear to my eye...your dad and my dad could have been good friends! (I had a fishing rod by the time I was 3 or still have it).

thanks for sharing some Dad thoughts. :)

Kate said...

Love Pops a lot. He used to tell me how we was going to (did?) teach you and Traci all the words backwards. Just for fun. Cat=dog, down=up etc.