Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where Did the Hours Go?

I started this weekend Thursday afternoon. I had a meeting with some great people and I convinced them to have it at our beach house. Heh Heh Heh!! I drove down to the coast with a friend and since no one else took me up on the "hey come the night before instead of driving down at the crack of dawn", we spend the evening chatting, enjoying pizza and a couple of beers.  Perfection.

Friday was our retreat and then Friday night, a little shin dig for a fabulous friend. Saturday, I awoke with the motivation to spend all day working in my office and finally getting it cleaned up, organized and ready to actually use.  Alas, I was derailed by Rex, who decided we should work in the yard. Hmmm...its not a gazillion degrees outside...ok fine.

Saturday ended with Sushi and the FREAKIEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER WATCHED! Which of course my dear friend told me TO NOT WATCH. I will from now on head the advice of said dear friend. I may be scarred for life.

As for today, I have businessy stuff to catch up on and a party at my sis-in-laws house tonight. 

All very fun stuff, but I still need more hours and my darn office to be cleaned. Ah well..I figure having "She had a clean office" on my headstone would suck.  I'd rather it say  "we tried to find that piece of paper in her office that said what she wanted on her head stone, but she was out having fun so much that her office was a wreck and it was impossible to find that paper and thus, THIS is the what we put on it instead"

I hope everyone had some fun this weekend. :-)

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Shannon said...

Dude! I TOLD you not to watch it. But noooooo. You just HAD to.

If it helps any, I had vicarious trauma with you last night.

It does make me feel a bit validated that you thought it was freaky enough to whip out the F-bomb in a text message, though. At least you weren't all, "Whatever, man. It wasn't that bad."

Btw, I really like your philosophy on the whole clean office thing. But I think that putting that long-ass message on your tombstone would be prohibitively expensive. Can we go for, like, "she was awesome and no one cared about her messy desk"?