Sunday, April 3, 2011

Me? Slacker? Maybe Not.

Ok, so I started out the Lenton season with high hopes of giving something up.  I was going to give up Facebook and then a friend of mine texted me with a plea: "Please don't give up Facebook for Lent. I need you in my virtual life."  Well, crap.  Ok, since this is one of the very few people I have known since first grade, and she lives out of town and we don't get to chat, I decided to find something else to give up.

The point of Lent is to focus on your faith. Taking time to sacrifice in order to better understand your relationship with God.  So, while I have yet to figure out what I am giving up - I have taken time to ponder.

Candy? Sugar? Eating out? I feel like I have done these things before and I don't actually learn much from them.  So, I kept thinking and thinking and thinking.

I have yet to come up with anything.

But perhaps I am not a slacker after all.  This season I have been more aware of spiritual issues. Without going into too much detail, I will tell that that I was raised in a church, still feel connected to that church but also have serious SERIOUS issues with my home denomination and with most churches in general.

Over the years I have come to learn that many people I know who are strongly into their faith are also some of the most close minded, judgemental people I know. I find that very sad, as I don't equate religion/God with hate but with love.

Anyway - I wrestle with religion daily.  I believe, yet I believe in my own way. I did catch a lot of flack from "friends" about giving something up for Lent. Some friends I can joke about with this and others I know are not really joking but like to lump people who believe (whether it be a little or a lot) in with the morons of the world. Now, that's not really fair either. I don't judge you for not believing anything. Really I don't care what other people do or do not believe. Oh, and I am not a moron.

Recently a book has come out from a well known pastor. The premise of the book is basically the discussion that perhaps we all end up in heaven. Really, this is controversial? He asks in the book, "Is Gandhi in heaven?"  I'm amazed at how many people, who call themselves Christians, answered no to that question. "Well certainly he isn't, he wasn't Christian."  Oy, people, get a grip. I plan to read this book, but at this point I am hold #57 out of 80 hold at the library, so it will be awhile. I don't typically read this type of book, but this one is calling to me.

So, maybe I am not a slacker. Who knew?

Oh, and the photo? It is beautiful metal work above the doorway into a Catholic cathedral in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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