Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hhhhmmm...What to Do?

I'm ready to chuck it in.

By this I mean: unload stuff, downsize, shirk my extra responsibilities, and just clear up my life.

Rex and I were married 4 year ago and it seems we have been running, going, doing ever since. Work, remodel, move, work, remodel, work, set up a business, LTA, etc etc. Don't misunderstand - I like my life. I like to do do do. But, maybe..just maybe...I'm ready for don't don't don't.

I can't keep my office clean. I haven't taken care of myself. I haven't gotten my yard finished. Where is the time? It has become more clear lately that time is fleeting. Minutes, hours, days fly by a mock speed and I am screaming into the future. That sonic boom you hear is actually the sound of my realization: Life is short.

Where do I want to be? What do I want to be doing? And with whom?

We decided this year we would see our friends and family more often. Rex and I need that. We need to decompress, laugh and let our loved ones know that they are loved. A much better way to spend my time I should think.

How does one go from being a do-do-do-doer, to a slow-down-let go of some stuff-er? And, why does this come with a feeling of guilt? Where does THAT come from?

I'm also a bit of pack-rat and am ready to unload, craigslist, give away anything I don't need. My sister often says: "Let go or be dragged" and I have to say that's how I feel these days.

So, new year, how about I look you in the face and see what I can do to clear things up.

I'll keep you posted.

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