Monday, September 7, 2009

My J-to-S Quotient

I'm not sure how I have gathered so much junk. Ok, some of it is not junk...just stuff. Stuff is different than junk. And belongings are different than stuff. Belongings have emotions attached. "Stuff" are objects that are a necessity, but have no emotions attached.

Not believing this are you?

I have come to understand my Junk - to - Stress Quotient. The more junk I have, the more stress I have. Apparently this is the case with Rex too.

Yesterday was the first day of "purge, clean, de-stress". That's a working title. It could turn into "hey, my whole house is going on Craigs List - come and get it".

It's not that I live with stacks of things around me. We aren't "hoarders". But for some reason there is too much stuff in my small house. So, in order to get things in order - and thus reduce our stress levels - "purge, clean, de-stress" has commenced. I think I'm liking it. And, coming from someone who gets easily overwhelmed and thus can not figure out where to start - that fact that I did start is already a step in the right direction.

I'll keep you posted as to our progress.

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Anonymous said... has great babysteps for de-cluttering.